End Your Frustration with Perspiration!!

Hola chicas!!!

Let’s talk about sweat…or as some women call it, the glow. It is a necessary part of life and our natural cooling system but we can NOT let this stand in the way of our beauty nor our comfort! I absolutely hate sweating. It is so gross! Eww! (Nicki Minaj voice) Unfortunately, I actually sweat a lot…without the help of certain products. So I know more than others the stress, the embarassment, and the damage to clothes that sweat can cause. The good news is that there is help!! And I am here to deliver it to you. In my opinion, one of the worst places to sweat is under your arms. It keeps you from getting close to people or lifting your arms or even discourages you from wearing light colors. If this affects you then you may need more help than what a regular deodorant or anti-perspirant can offer.  I use a roll-on product at night that contains aluminum chloride. I wont mention the name because those ninjas aren’t paying me to advertise!! But anyway, it closes the pores under your arms at night so that sweat does not come out of that area. It is brilliant and perfectly safe.  There are sweat glands wherever you have skin so it is not necessary to sweat under your arms. The next morning, apply your deodorant normally and go. It can cause some dryness so I recommend skipping every other night after about three days of continuous application. This will truly set you free. Trust me. You dont wanna be the girl tagged on facebook in the sexy dress with spots under your arms…not cute. Also, ladies, you all know that your coochie can get a little juicy at unwanted times! Especially during the hot summer months. My suggestion is to leave your panties in the drawer whenever possible!! Put on your favorite maxi dress and let those lips loose!! Sometimes it  just needs to breathe. Certain fabrics can really suck out the air circulation down there. If commando is just something you cannot do, then throw some baby powder down there or try some breathable undies…with some stretch. If you constrict your cooter it will punish you with a deadly weapon known as YEAST!!! AHHHH!!!!!   I hope this helps any of you who fight the wack wetness on a daily basis. Let’s make this a thing of the past. Stay fresh, bitches!!!

-The Princess


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If It Ain’t White…It Ain’t Right!!!

Part of being beautiful and feminine is having an amazing smile. Part of an amazing smile is white teeth!!! That is just the color they are supposed to be. So what this means is you need to invest in a good toothpaste. This is super duper important. I prefer ones with baking soda…it is natural and great for your mouth. Yellow teeth are so gross! It is super disgusting and downright unacceptable for a lady. Dental hygiene is pretty close to being just as important as the hygiene of your cooch. That’s real. Did you know that the skin inside your mouth is identical to the skin inside your vagina?? Coincidence? I think NOT!!  There is no excuse to be grown and have a yucky mouth. Take at least 5 mins each time you brush. It will ensure you get any and all of the creepy critters that could be hiding in your mouth and in between teeth. Another tip is to use a straw when drinking dangerous beverages such as coffee, orange juice, sugary drinks, or anything with a lot of color. Straws send the liquid straight to the back of your throat and provide minimal contact between your teeth and your drink. Thus, preserving the bright white.  Your smile is another window into your soul. Treat it with respect and give your mouth some love. You know what’s right! And they just have to be white.  (and yes, I am using myself as the photo example for this blog…duh!!!)

-The Princess

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Are You a Lady or a Piece of Beef Grazing…??

ok…so when I was growing up, my parents always said ‘chew with your mouth closed.” I pretty much was not allowed to eat unless I did it this way.  I thought that every American household would be the same way…I thought wrong! I have to talk about this because I work at a restaurant and I watch people eat and they are disgusting! Where are your table manners?? This kind of behavior is only acceptable if you are a cow or have some sort of weird orthodontic contraption and you cant close your jaw. Otherwise it is simply nasty. No one wants to see you eat like that! It should seriously be against the law. From now on, I am calling you out. If you are chewing like a bovine I am speaking up. I encourage all of you to do your part to end this sad epidemic. Friends do NOT let friends chew with their mouths open. Would you go out to eat with someone who picks their nose at the table?? OF COURSE NOT!! This is the same thing. Let’s just put this to rest. Be beautiful at all times, ladies…including mealtime.

-The Princess

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Whiskers Are Only Cute on Kittens…

Ok, ladies…it is time for a serious talk here. When did it become acceptable for women to have facial hair??? Are you for real!? For some girls, the hair just comes. Some poor unfortunate souls don’t just have the peach fuzz on their lip, they have curly q’s on their chins and necks that bare a strong resemblance to pubes…(ha! That was funny to me…) Still, this is no excuse.  Shave those whiskers, bitches! Wax those goatees! Ladies should be feminine and soft.  Facial hair that rivals your father is not feminine! So you might be thinking, “Well, Shanelle, if I shave it off, then it’ll just grow back thicker.” And to that I say, “Who effing cares?” Keep shaving it and no one will ever know! If I ever woke up with a beard, the world would never know. We have got to protect our faces and keep them fresh and at their best. I always hear bishes talking about waxing their eyebrows and their cooters, but are we embarrassed to talk about the whiskers?? Next time you are at the nail salon and you get the brows done, ask Mei-Ling to take care of your lip and chin, too! We should never be blurring the line between genders. Eyebrows and eyelashes are the ONLY acceptable facial hair on a woman. Don’t be naive. We  can see it. And we are laughing at you…I’m sorry to say that. Keep your faces beautiful ladies. When we look good, we feel good.

-The Princess

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Let’s Talk Titties…

The time has come…we must discuss this…your boobies!! Now…no two boobies are alike…not even the pair that you have sitting on your chest.  Therefore, each boobie has a different need.  The key is to accept these needs and understand what needs to be done for your breasts to look their absolute best.  First rule of tittie management: there is a bra for every occasion and for every tittie.  NO EXCUSES.  Don’t be that stupid looking biatch with the tube top with straps coming out the top. Or dont wear a racerback cami or shirt if you do not have a bra for it!! Stop being lazy!! Go find the right bra! And newsflash: just because your straps are clear does not mean they are invisible!! Who invented those? Worst thing ever…but I digress.  If you do not own a bra that is appropriate for an outfit then you just have to forego that outfit…or search for the right underwear.  Next is the appearance of your breasts. There is no reason for your boobs to be sagging!! NONE! For my more voluptuous ladies, you may be in need of extra support.  For my IBTC members (you know what that is) you may need some padding and some shape.  Keep these things in mind when you shop for a good bra.  It may be expensive…but it might not be.  Lastly, nipples showing through your clothing is terrible.  I do not even own a bra without minimal padding because of this.  Do not be afraid of padding ladies!! Pads are your friends.  They make your boobies look nice and round and keep your headlights off!! Keep your tits perky, pretty, and properly positioned.

-The Princess

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Protect yo’ neck!!!

Hey Ladies!!! So…once again I am going to talk about our skin and keeping it beautfiul.  One area that we cannot neglect is our necks!! The neck is often ignored and overlooked but it can either make you look aged or make you look elegant.  We must do the same thing to our neck that we do to our faces.  It must be cleansed, exfoliated, moisturized and protected from the sun.  What a waste it would be to have kept our faces beautiful for years just to end up at 45 with a face of a 22-year old and the neck of a 90-year old.  When it comes to beauty and staying fabulous we must invest a little extra time into ourselves and into the minute body parts that may seem unimportant.  So, add your neck to your morning and bedtime routine.  Put a little extra exfoliator on your neck and wipe it off with a washcloth if you are concerned about getting your hair wet (i.e. the ladies with natural hair!!!). Dab a little acne cream onto your neck because a pimple can pop up anywhere…and they will.  Moisturize it when you put the facial lotion on and apply sunscreen daily or every other day.  I bet you will begin to see the difference in the quality of the skin especially since the skin here is a little thinner than the rest.  Remember to always keep it beautiful…from head (and neck)  to toe.


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No excuses…take care of your finest asset!

When it comes to my most prized possessions and what is most valuable to me, it has to undoubtedly be my face. It makes all of my first impressions, it expresses how I feel, and hey, it gets me into the club for free every week! *wink* So, when it comes to keeping my face looking its best, I take a no-excuses approach to my skincare…and so should you! There is no excuse for adult acne.  We have to take care of our skin.  I suffered with acne for most of my teen years and I honestly still do. But I have learned what works for me and how to manage my breakouts and keep them to a minimum.  Your face is a treasure and must be treated that way.  Research is the key! Seek out help if you cannot figure out on your own how to halt the breakouts or treat them.  No one said that being beautiful is easy; but it must be done! Go see a dermatologist…ask your friends for tips…do NOT be afraid of prescription acne treatments.  I use a prescription cream on my face daily and have found that to be the key to success when it comes to controlling my breakouts and keeping my skin even and clear.  We are beyond puberty now and can no longer blame the bumps on raging hormones.  Take control and do not be lazy and give up.  Your face expresses so much to the world.  Make sure you send the right message and it isn’t muffled or distorted from the mountains and valleys that could form on your cheeks! Nothing beats clear skin and a beautiful complexion.

-The Princess

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It’s all or nothin’

It is summertime…the weather is beautiful…the sun is out—and so are your toes! In a world of sandals, flip-flops, peek-a-boo heels and little strappies, there is an absolute need for your pedicure to be on point!! If the polish on your toes (or fingers) starts to chip IT MUST BE REMOVED!  Nail polish must be worn all the way or not at all. Chipped nail polish is super tacky and darn right irresponsible. It is dirty looking and to me, is a sign of poor hygiene.  If a woman will step out the house with jacked up nail polish then I believe that same woman does not change her underwear on a daily basis.  There is no excuse for this. You can get a quick polish change for about $8 at your local nail salon. It is quick and cheap and is a small price to pay for flawless feet.  Or you can purchase a bottle of acetone and just take the polish off and/or change it yourself.  Naked nails are far better than chipped polish.  Keep it looking good, ladies…from head to toe.

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6 Inches…

Hey, Ladies!!

So…there are 6 inches of skin that we are just not paying attention to…the skin is in a very delicate place…we shave and wax there often…it is under your arms!!  This skin can get dry and irritated just like anything else.  There is nothing in the world worse than raising your arms and having a big dark circle and stubble under there!!! EWWW!!! It is almost summer time and we all need to be confident and look our best…even if you don’t think anyone will see it.  So here is the solution…we have got to moisturize under there. Some use baby oil and that is pretty effective.  However, Dove makes a great deodorant that smoothes and conditions your skin.  I am a testament; it works.  Let’s enter this summer season being smooth and soft all over…and under our arms!

-The Princess

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Going Natural…YES WE CAN!!

OOOOhhhhh…it’s a hot button topic to take the virginity of my blog!! I have heard people say (mostly men) that going natural is NOT for everyone.  I believe those people are wrong!! Going natural IS for everyone and anyone can do it.  I think that women get hooked on the feeling that a perm can give your hair. It makes your coarse hair straight. It bounces.  It shines.  It falls out.  Let’s be honest.  I had a perm for 20 years so I know what it can do.  The truth is, all of the benefits that we reap from chemically straightening the hair can be achieved without the harsh consequences.  It is not easy being natural, especially when transitioning, but it is sooooo much better for your hair.  People say going natural is not for everyone because some people do not look good with an afro.  But an afro is not the only look for naturals.  I am one, and I wear my hair straight all the time.  We, as women, may have to make the investment in our hair care.  It takes time to figure out what to do with the natural hair.  It takes time and money to find a good stylist but it can be done! We have to decide on what is important to us! Hair is important whether you think so or not.  No matter where you are or what you wear, if your hair is not done, then you will be what i like to call: a hot mess.  If you like your hair straight, I guarantee you that a good blow dryer, good flat iron (hot comb if necessary), and a good conditioner will have your hair bouncing and shining just like you had a relaxer, without the damage and eventual dryness. Moral of the story: The perm is a temporary fix.  Take time to find what works for you.  Do not give up.  If I can do it, you can do it.

-The Princess

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