Whiskers Are Only Cute on Kittens…

September 12, 2010 The Princess

Ok, ladies…it is time for a serious talk here. When did it become acceptable for women to have facial hair??? Are you for real!? For some girls, the hair just comes. Some poor unfortunate souls don’t just have the peach fuzz on their lip, they have curly q’s on their chins and necks that bare a strong resemblance to pubes…(ha! That was funny to me…) Still, this is no excuse.  Shave those whiskers, bitches! Wax those goatees! Ladies should be feminine and soft.  Facial hair that rivals your father is not feminine! So you might be thinking, “Well, Shanelle, if I shave it off, then it’ll just grow back thicker.” And to that I say, “Who effing cares?” Keep shaving it and no one will ever know! If I ever woke up with a beard, the world would never know. We have got to protect our faces and keep them fresh and at their best. I always hear bishes talking about waxing their eyebrows and their cooters, but are we embarrassed to talk about the whiskers?? Next time you are at the nail salon and you get the brows done, ask Mei-Ling to take care of your lip and chin, too! We should never be blurring the line between genders. Eyebrows and eyelashes are the ONLY acceptable facial hair on a woman. Don’t be naive. We  can see it. And we are laughing at you…I’m sorry to say that. Keep your faces beautiful ladies. When we look good, we feel good.

-The Princess


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