Are You a Lady or a Piece of Beef Grazing…??

October 16, 2010 The Princess

ok…so when I was growing up, my parents always said ‘chew with your mouth closed.” I pretty much was not allowed to eat unless I did it this way.  I thought that every American household would be the same way…I thought wrong! I have to talk about this because I work at a restaurant and I watch people eat and they are disgusting! Where are your table manners?? This kind of behavior is only acceptable if you are a cow or have some sort of weird orthodontic contraption and you cant close your jaw. Otherwise it is simply nasty. No one wants to see you eat like that! It should seriously be against the law. From now on, I am calling you out. If you are chewing like a bovine I am speaking up. I encourage all of you to do your part to end this sad epidemic. Friends do NOT let friends chew with their mouths open. Would you go out to eat with someone who picks their nose at the table?? OF COURSE NOT!! This is the same thing. Let’s just put this to rest. Be beautiful at all times, ladies…including mealtime.

-The Princess


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