If It Ain’t White…It Ain’t Right!!!

January 5, 2011 The Princess

Part of being beautiful and feminine is having an amazing smile. Part of an amazing smile is white teeth!!! That is just the color they are supposed to be. So what this means is you need to invest in a good toothpaste. This is super duper important. I prefer ones with baking soda…it is natural and great for your mouth. Yellow teeth are so gross! It is super disgusting and downright unacceptable for a lady. Dental hygiene is pretty close to being just as important as the hygiene of your cooch. That’s real. Did you know that the skin inside your mouth is identical to the skin inside your vagina?? Coincidence? I think NOT!!  There is no excuse to be grown and have a yucky mouth. Take at least 5 mins each time you brush. It will ensure you get any and all of the creepy critters that could be hiding in your mouth and in between teeth. Another tip is to use a straw when drinking dangerous beverages such as coffee, orange juice, sugary drinks, or anything with a lot of color. Straws send the liquid straight to the back of your throat and provide minimal contact between your teeth and your drink. Thus, preserving the bright white.  Your smile is another window into your soul. Treat it with respect and give your mouth some love. You know what’s right! And they just have to be white.  (and yes, I am using myself as the photo example for this blog…duh!!!)

-The Princess


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  • 1. Wiiqi  |  January 21, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    Caught you on MM. Have you done any film or t.v. project at this point? Please email your CV if you have any information.

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