End Your Frustration with Perspiration!!

March 14, 2011 The Princess

Hola chicas!!!

Let’s talk about sweat…or as some women call it, the glow. It is a necessary part of life and our natural cooling system but we can NOT let this stand in the way of our beauty nor our comfort! I absolutely hate sweating. It is so gross! Eww! (Nicki Minaj voice) Unfortunately, I actually sweat a lot…without the help of certain products. So I know more than others the stress, the embarassment, and the damage to clothes that sweat can cause. The good news is that there is help!! And I am here to deliver it to you. In my opinion, one of the worst places to sweat is under your arms. It keeps you from getting close to people or lifting your arms or even discourages you from wearing light colors. If this affects you then you may need more help than what a regular deodorant or anti-perspirant can offer.  I use a roll-on product at night that contains aluminum chloride. I wont mention the name because those ninjas aren’t paying me to advertise!! But anyway, it closes the pores under your arms at night so that sweat does not come out of that area. It is brilliant and perfectly safe.  There are sweat glands wherever you have skin so it is not necessary to sweat under your arms. The next morning, apply your deodorant normally and go. It can cause some dryness so I recommend skipping every other night after about three days of continuous application. This will truly set you free. Trust me. You dont wanna be the girl tagged on facebook in the sexy dress with spots under your arms…not cute. Also, ladies, you all know that your coochie can get a little juicy at unwanted times! Especially during the hot summer months. My suggestion is to leave your panties in the drawer whenever possible!! Put on your favorite maxi dress and let those lips loose!! Sometimes it  just needs to breathe. Certain fabrics can really suck out the air circulation down there. If commando is just something you cannot do, then throw some baby powder down there or try some breathable undies…with some stretch. If you constrict your cooter it will punish you with a deadly weapon known as YEAST!!! AHHHH!!!!!   I hope this helps any of you who fight the wack wetness on a daily basis. Let’s make this a thing of the past. Stay fresh, bitches!!!

-The Princess


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