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No excuses…take care of your finest asset!

When it comes to my most prized possessions and what is most valuable to me, it has to undoubtedly be my face. It makes all of my first impressions, it expresses how I feel, and hey, it gets me into the club for free every week! *wink* So, when it comes to keeping my face looking its best, I take a no-excuses approach to my skincare…and so should you! There is no excuse for adult acne.  We have to take care of our skin.  I suffered with acne for most of my teen years and I honestly still do. But I have learned what works for me and how to manage my breakouts and keep them to a minimum.  Your face is a treasure and must be treated that way.  Research is the key! Seek out help if you cannot figure out on your own how to halt the breakouts or treat them.  No one said that being beautiful is easy; but it must be done! Go see a dermatologist…ask your friends for tips…do NOT be afraid of prescription acne treatments.  I use a prescription cream on my face daily and have found that to be the key to success when it comes to controlling my breakouts and keeping my skin even and clear.  We are beyond puberty now and can no longer blame the bumps on raging hormones.  Take control and do not be lazy and give up.  Your face expresses so much to the world.  Make sure you send the right message and it isn’t muffled or distorted from the mountains and valleys that could form on your cheeks! Nothing beats clear skin and a beautiful complexion.

-The Princess


3 comments June 15, 2010

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