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It’s all or nothin’

It is summertime…the weather is beautiful…the sun is out—and so are your toes! In a world of sandals, flip-flops, peek-a-boo heels and little strappies, there is an absolute need for your pedicure to be on point!! If the polish on your toes (or fingers) starts to chip IT MUST BE REMOVED!  Nail polish must be worn all the way or not at all. Chipped nail polish is super tacky and darn right irresponsible. It is dirty looking and to me, is a sign of poor hygiene.  If a woman will step out the house with jacked up nail polish then I believe that same woman does not change her underwear on a daily basis.  There is no excuse for this. You can get a quick polish change for about $8 at your local nail salon. It is quick and cheap and is a small price to pay for flawless feet.  Or you can purchase a bottle of acetone and just take the polish off and/or change it yourself.  Naked nails are far better than chipped polish.  Keep it looking good, ladies…from head to toe.


1 comment June 7, 2010

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