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Going Natural…YES WE CAN!!

OOOOhhhhh…it’s a hot button topic to take the virginity of my blog!! I have heard people say (mostly men) that going natural is NOT for everyone.  I believe those people are wrong!! Going natural IS for everyone and anyone can do it.  I think that women get hooked on the feeling that a perm can give your hair. It makes your coarse hair straight. It bounces.  It shines.  It falls out.  Let’s be honest.  I had a perm for 20 years so I know what it can do.  The truth is, all of the benefits that we reap from chemically straightening the hair can be achieved without the harsh consequences.  It is not easy being natural, especially when transitioning, but it is sooooo much better for your hair.  People say going natural is not for everyone because some people do not look good with an afro.  But an afro is not the only look for naturals.  I am one, and I wear my hair straight all the time.  We, as women, may have to make the investment in our hair care.  It takes time to figure out what to do with the natural hair.  It takes time and money to find a good stylist but it can be done! We have to decide on what is important to us! Hair is important whether you think so or not.  No matter where you are or what you wear, if your hair is not done, then you will be what i like to call: a hot mess.  If you like your hair straight, I guarantee you that a good blow dryer, good flat iron (hot comb if necessary), and a good conditioner will have your hair bouncing and shining just like you had a relaxer, without the damage and eventual dryness. Moral of the story: The perm is a temporary fix.  Take time to find what works for you.  Do not give up.  If I can do it, you can do it.

-The Princess


6 comments May 18, 2010

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