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Protect yo’ neck!!!

Hey Ladies!!! So…once again I am going to talk about our skin and keeping it beautfiul.  One area that we cannot neglect is our necks!! The neck is often ignored and overlooked but it can either make you look aged or make you look elegant.  We must do the same thing to our neck that we do to our faces.  It must be cleansed, exfoliated, moisturized and protected from the sun.  What a waste it would be to have kept our faces beautiful for years just to end up at 45 with a face of a 22-year old and the neck of a 90-year old.  When it comes to beauty and staying fabulous we must invest a little extra time into ourselves and into the minute body parts that may seem unimportant.  So, add your neck to your morning and bedtime routine.  Put a little extra exfoliator on your neck and wipe it off with a washcloth if you are concerned about getting your hair wet (i.e. the ladies with natural hair!!!). Dab a little acne cream onto your neck because a pimple can pop up anywhere…and they will.  Moisturize it when you put the facial lotion on and apply sunscreen daily or every other day.  I bet you will begin to see the difference in the quality of the skin especially since the skin here is a little thinner than the rest.  Remember to always keep it beautiful…from head (and neck)  to toe.



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