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6 Inches…

Hey, Ladies!!

So…there are 6 inches of skin that we are just not paying attention to…the skin is in a very delicate place…we shave and wax there often…it is under your arms!!  This skin can get dry and irritated just like anything else.  There is nothing in the world worse than raising your arms and having a big dark circle and stubble under there!!! EWWW!!! It is almost summer time and we all need to be confident and look our best…even if you don’t think anyone will see it.  So here is the solution…we have got to moisturize under there. Some use baby oil and that is pretty effective.  However, Dove makes a great deodorant that smoothes and conditions your skin.  I am a testament; it works.  Let’s enter this summer season being smooth and soft all over…and under our arms!

-The Princess


1 comment May 25, 2010

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